Stop the War -Stop it Now!

Everyone can help stop this! is a company based in EU/EFTA with many employees from Ukraine, so it has been since 2006. Having worked together for so long, it is unmistakable for everyone in the company that Ukrainians are smart, hard-working, good people, and with big hearts. During all these years, having been in Ukraine multiple times, it has always been clear that they are proud of being Ukrainian, but at no point in time has there been the slightest animosity against Russia.

Many of these people speak the same language, Russian, and many have relatives there, but none would like to live in Russia under Putin’s dictatorship. Over time the fear of Putin and his dictatorship has been steadily increasing. In part because of the inequality between their armed forces and partly because he had set his sights on their country - especially since the Russian puppet government was overthrown in 2014.

This unprovoked and evil attack on Ukraine has now been going on for a two weeks with the Ukrainian army and ordinary people fighting bravely against the massive Russian army.

This fight is as unfair as it gets!

Still, the Russian army has suffered huge losses because of the courage and the will to live in a free country demonstrated by the Ukrainian people. Every family and person in Ukraine is intimately affected, on the run, scared, cold, involved in fighting, has lost someone or will lose someone in this fight.

This fight is not just about Ukraine but about the struggle for Ukrainian freedom - and possibly the whole of Europe. Western Europe, alongside other allies, has shown some support for Ukraine before and during this conflict. Sadly, it’s all been too little too late.

From the beginning, the Western alliance should have announced that if Russia attacked Ukraine, the allies would stand by them and keep the airspace free from attack jets since putting boots on the ground was out of the question. This action would have made the fight a little fairer and increased the likelihood of failure for the Russians.

Sanctions should have been imposed in full force immediately, not incrementally by the day.

Weapons should have been supplied in advance when allies knew this conflict was inevitable. Now, it is too late or even impossible to get these munitions to the brave people that are standing up to the new Hitler, called Putin.

Now the most challenging battles are ahead for the people of Ukraine. Negotiating with a madman that hides in his bunker, the European Union must take a fundamental stance, or it will be too late.

The European Union must expedite the application for Ukraine to become a member of the Union as this is something that Zelensky and his government deem critical. There should be a no-fly zone over all or parts of Ukraine as quickly as possible.

No War in Ukraine!

No War in Ukraine!

Ukraine is in Europe, and Ukrainians are Europeans.

An attack on them from an insane dictator should be considered an attack on Europe and democracy.We need to stand with them in full force and on all fronts.

Ingvar Gudmundsson - Founder of