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Personalizza il tuo sistema di Prenotazioni per Scuole di Golf

Crea un look personale e professionale per il tuo sito di prenotazioni. Scegli tra i nostri nuovissimi temi pronti in linea quello che più si adatta all'immagine della tua azienda. Puoi anche scegliere il modo migliore per i tuoi clienti di vedere la tua disponibilità, ad esempio per tipo di classe, orario o staff.

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  • Inserisci il tuo logo personale
  • Aggiungi le immagini dello staff e dei servizi offerti
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Appuntamenti facili per te e i tuoi clienti

Noble and renowned golf sport has been popular for centuries. Today, people all over the world continue to attend golf classes, participate in golf clubs and golf competitions. The golf business is growing and more people find it a pleasant hobby or a kind of sport that requires accuracy, concentration and strength.

If you are a private golf trainer, own a golf field or have a big golf club and are considering the option of adding a booking functionality to your website, you are at the right place! is the perfect online booking system for golf classes, either for individual or group lessons.

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Perché il sistema di prenotazioni online è la soluzione ideale per te

  • Membership feature where only your current members can book a slot or sell membership to new clients! You can also allow everybody to book your services and choose to give discount solely to members to enhance your customer loyalty.
  • Allows clients to book several sessions at once, for example to book for the whole month or half a year in one go.
  • The ability to set different prices for different services. For example, make day sessions cheaper because they are less visited and make evening sessions more expensive.
  • Sending automatic notifications after the training with some instructions or health recommendations.
  • Avere una pagina di prenotazioni personalizzabile che puoi usare sia come sito web principale della palestra che aggiungerla al tuo sito web.
  • The ability to create a schedule with a maximum number of people per time slot according to how many people can join the respective class.
  • The ability to create various discounts and send them to your clients.
  • Sending various notifications to your clients to remind them about the training.
  • Having all your clients listed in one system, where you can search and look through their info at any time.
  • Accept payments from clients right after they make a booking. online scheduling software will help you to organize your business and book golf classes easily. After simple configuration of your page, the system will work itself and you will be just monitoring the results. Everything your clients will need to do is to enter your booking page or website, choose a class, select a time, fill in their name, email and phone and enjoy their class. Booking has never been so easy before, so do not hesitate to register now!

APP sui dispositivi

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APP del cliente

Ottieni la tua app aziendale personalizzata! Consenti ai tuoi clienti di scaricare l'app sul proprio dispositivo mobile dove possono facilmente prenotare i tuoi servizi, modificare una prenotazione, visualizzare la cronologia delle prenotazioni, acquistare buoni regalo e altro ancora.

APP di amministrazione

Accedete a tutte le vostre prenotazioni, fate nuove prenotazioni, create clienti, ecc. tramite una versione semplificata del sistema principale, destinata agli utenti in viaggio. Ricevere notifiche di nuove prenotazioni e promemoria per i prossimi appuntamenti.

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Adam Ilko

Sports & Holistic Massage Therapist, Fibre Tense


Adam Ilko

"I have been using now for over four years and I would not be able to operate my business without this invaluable tool. From the versatility of the plug-ins, the ease of operation, the seamless 'fold-in' with Wordpress, the high customer satisfaction due to confirmations & reminders (by both email and text message) and the management, backup and support from the team, I would not be where I am today without this integral part of my massage business." Read more Show less

Reza Henry Udwadia

Football Coach & Performance Analyst

Reza Henry Udwadia

"Initially, I tried a different booking system that we used at my previous workplace, but I realised quickly that the system was limited, not as flexible as I would like it to be and I knew I needed something better. had that extra edge and it was easy to set up. First, I tried the 14-day free trial but, within five days I knew it was easy and intuitive, with great potential for expanding it.." Read more Show less

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Prova il sistema di prenotazione per 14 giorni online scheduling software offers fair and affordable pricing that varies depending on the size of your business. If you are just starting, you can start with a free plan and upgrade when you get more clients and more revenue! Do not hesitate to ask our Live Chat if you have any questions. We encourage you to try our system and find out how it can benefit your business.

Inizia subito la prova gratuita! La prova gratuita di 14 giorni include la maggior parte delle funzionalità e 50 prenotazioni.
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